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with a professional experience of more than 20 years, our company well knows the wood , from the supplying of logs , the manufacture of sawing pieces (square edged for example) to the making of finished products like curved backs for seats, and more besides..

We have 2 different activities on 2 companies :

the company SARL D.DAGUE, dealing with logs purchase. The company particularly looks after the origin of the logs and how they grew.

the company SARL Bois Productique who produces half manufactured products, specially for seat and furniture manufacturers.

On our Web-site, you can have a look of the range of the products we can offer . We are in a position to propose this range with different kind of wood, like oak, beech, wild cherry, ash..

Both of our activities are complementary and allow us to meet as best as we can , the requirements of each customer.

Otherwise, as our companies attach many importance of the publicity of european wood , we offer at present chestnut or acacia flooring for outside (only on demand)


Promoting European Wood

In addition, we are well interested in promoting european wood.That's why we are developing the manufacture of acacia and chestnut boards for terraces ( this, exclusively on order).